Local Lawns is an experienced and professional team of lawn maintenance specialists. Unlike other companies who are a “Jack of all Trades,” we focus our efforts only on our particular expertise of lawn mowing, lawn care, hedge trimming and flower bed maintenance.

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Our Guarantee:

If you are not completely happy with our work, we will redo the task performed for free. If you are still not satisfied, you don’t owe us anything, and we will pay for the company of your choice to fix the problem.

There is nothing more important to us than satisfying every customer completely.

I found Chris at Local Lawns through a Google search. My initial attraction to using his services was his speedy response time and thorough explanations. More importantly, I never felt like he was pushing product and services on me. He did make some gentle suggestions and was eager to give detailed advice if you wanted to save money and do things on your own. I found him to be quite knowledgeable and genuine while taking the time to asking my numerous questions. I use Local Lawns to perform regular lawn cutting and fertilizing. I also had them do other services like laying mulch (which looks amazing) and doing a spring clean up (very much recommended). I have had no problems referring him to others which is something I am always reluctant to do. I look forward to using Chris’ services in the future.

Mike Forzley

Excellent reliability Great edging and clean up Positive and helpful attitude Cutting of the lawn good.

Diana Pilsworth

I built a new house and looked around; first place to reach was Local Lawns and that was who I went with. Chris gave me a quote within 24 hours and well priced for a weekly cut. The service has been exemplary; he has been well receptive to emails, which is what I love in my line of work. Very good with advise in terms of taking care of the lawn and announces services to take care of any needs that may arise. The online account system has been awesome; from payments through credit cards, updates to account. This company is well equipped for the electronic age.

Gajen Mahendran

Excellent service! Very professional and everything is done efficiently from working on the yard to having the convenience of paying online! Keep up the great work!

Gwen Alphonsus

Excellent service. Always keep us updated on what is going on and offer great recommendations and services.

Alex A

We have been using Local Lawns for years. The service has always been reliable and thorough. Chris has taken special care with an uneven portion of the ground in our front lawn, to avoid “scalping” the lawn in that area.

Ray Farrell

Great company that goes above and beyond your average lawn care.

Dawn Lawson

Local Lawns is an exceptional leader in customer service. They stand behind their commitment to customer care and their staff are professional, courteous, and reliable. They are, by far, the best lawn care service I have ever had. S. Khan Kanata, O8 N

Sophia K

I’m looking forward to having Local Lawns take care of my property again this year. their attention to detail is superb and their staff is very approachable. they offer a great service, so great that i never have to worry about anything, they worry for me! keep up the awesome work guys!

Tobin Soucy

Great services!! A+ work year after year!

Danielle Tremblay

Local lawns provides excellent customer service– reliable, courteous and responsive. Chris makes it a point to ensure that he communicates when dates change to weather conditions. Chris pays attention to detail and goes over and above to ensure his crew does a good job. Love the edging – when I walk around my neighbourhood, I can tell which lawns Local lawns cuts by the clean edges. I see a clean edge and the sign! Bingo! I have used local lawns for a number of years and it is clear that Chris has made the effort to fine tune his business model and work on continuously improving his customer service.

Josefa Poustchi

Local Lawns has given me a worry free summer. Chris answered my questions quickly, thoroughly, and politely. I was always advised of any weather delay or change to the mowing schedule due to holiday. I never had to worry about the company or my lawn. It looks great! Keep up the great work!

Alex C

Best lawn care company I have hired to-date – – they are dependable, professional and keep my lawn looking great.

Peter Veall

We are very pleased and happy with Local Lawns Services. Not only their job but also their communications is very professional and nice. I gave this service to my husband as a birthday gift. He says, “This is the best gift I have ever received”!!

Mj Daneshmand

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Chris and the Local Lawns gang have provided me (a Kanata Senior)with reliable and very satisfactory service for over ten years. How is that you might ask when the business was started about ten years ago. Chris was hired by my husband and I as a local teenager with a great work ethic and a lawn mower.He has worked hard to grow his dream business and provides a professional and guaranteed lawn and garden service. I have recommended him to family and friends.

Faith P.

Local Lawns provided us with excellent, dependable and cost-effective lawn care services throughout the growing season.

Best regards,


We had a horrible time as our lawn mower died and as our family is growing, my spare time began growing very thin.  We briefly had another company take care of our lawn, but they were very inconsistent in when they came and in how they mowed the lawn and trimmed the edges.  You and Morgan, on the other hand, were very pleasant to deal with, very professional, and very consistent in when you came, and you always left the lawn looking great. Thank you, and looking forward to next year already!


Thank you, thank you, thank you.  As a single mom with two kids to look after, having you cut my lawn each week was a real time saver for me.  My lawn looked great after every cut.


I particularly appreciated the ease to which I could make payments to you (i.e. credit card) and the fact that you lived up to your end of the agreement on the cost per month given that we were operating without a contract.

Rose, a single mom in Kanata

A few years ago when my energy levels were declining faster than my grass was growing, we found a notice in our mail box which offered a lawn cutting service. I noted that it was run by a local student which appealed to me so I called and Local Lawns started caring for my lawn and has done so ever since. Throughout they have provided prompt, reliable and economic service, always with a smile and we are well pleased with the results. We have asked them to continue next year.


In today’s busy world, the small things add up and are worth their weight in “time”; after resisting the urge for years to get help with our yard, we decided to give it a try.


The timing was right with Local Lawns delivering a flyer just as our schedules were being overloaded with summer sports, work, and other commitments.  After meeting with Local Lawns and receiving their quote, we were very pleased to give them a chance!  Each week, we were not disappointed with the care Local Lawns took in delivering a service that was dependable and meticulous.  Weekly maintenance proved to be a relief within our household, taking the pressure off us a family while supporting a thriving local business.  These young entrepreneurs are very hard-working and professional.  Local Lawns always responded in a proactive and professional manner each and every time we had feedback!


We have been using the services of Local Lawns for a couple of years and have found them to be efficient, pleasant and reasonably priced. They are always willing to listen to whatever requests we might have and before we return from Florida every year, they have done some grass-cutting for us so the garden is in good shape for our arrival. We will be continuing to use their services for the foreseeable future.


I appreciated the fact that you were reliable and did an excellent job of cutting the grass while cheerfully taking into account our special requirements. Please put my name on your list for next year.


Hi Local Lawns, this little note is to acknowledge that we have appreciated the work you have done this summer for us. Our lawn never looked better. Our poor health did not permit us to do the job you did for us this summer. Please sign us up for next year.

V & W

A good job is done every visit. Thanks!


I enjoy the service. As always, your people do a good job each time. I hope you get compliments from all the customers.